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A company exclusive for environmental businesses with orientation toward customer, future, value, and sustainability. Our vision is to use eco-friendly green technology to achieve sustainable operation

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Welcome to Green Day Biotech

Green Day Biotech is a microbiology oriented company, which use biotechnology, machinery & recycling concept to protect the environment by committed to screen & choice the right bacteria complex for waste treatment system. Propose solutions for biological infectious waste in the livestock feeding industry. Safe disposal of carcasses, manures and wastes are important issues of daily routine management for livestock and poultry mortalities. In order to improve the self-defense system in the industry, reduce pollution, avoid epidemic spread of disease, protect the health of livestock, and increase income, Green Day’s high-speed wastes disposal machines are necessary for the winner of livestock industry.

益碩國際將技術和經驗應用於保護環境, 致力於生物廢棄殺菌處理系統的推廣,


我們的願景是使用綠色環保技術來減少污染, 永續經營